REALITY MECHANICS: An exploration of the edge
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Y.T. Kohl

  This is a mugshot of myself, Yiri T. Kohl, a Dutch boy born in 1975, and author of this site. In other words, this is my little ego-trip page ;-) Don't take any of it too seriously. I know I don't.

The little gem below was written by yours truly sometime in 1997. It was during that period when I finally found my own little grip on reality. I thought about either rewriting most of it to reflect the changes in my life, and the positive changes in my perception of it. Then I thought about simply removing it all together. Eventually I figured that it'd be nice to leave it as it is, even if every single visitor will instantly recognize these self-indulgent ramblings for what they really are, and decide to spend their time in a slightly more useful manner by clicking their way out of here as fast as they can... just to remind myself occasionally how it is indeed perfectly possible to enter whole new worlds, and skip to more desireable realities merely by reformatting and conditioning your own perceptions, assumptions, and beliefs regarding that same old reality... it's nature still exactly the same as it ever was: as a shared realm that really only exists in the minds of it's beholders and their communications.

In other words: just about everything that sucked about life on Earth from a humanoid's point of view back in '97 still sucks just as bad, and in many cases... even worse! In my current reality though, I can't even begin to consider cleaning up the mess that resulted from the misadventures of our (mostly caucasian) ancestors as they looted, pillaged, and consumed anything and everything they encountered while exploring the (to them) unknown regions of their planet. In my current reality I'm still just as guilty and hypocritical by living my life within the very systems that cause most of the death, destruction, and suffering around the globe... however, in my current reality, I simply cannot deny the extreme beauty of all things, for the world may be hollow, and I may have touched the sky, but while we're dangerously close to accidentally wiping out, amongst a great deal of other things, our own race and all man holds dear, I can finally 'see'...

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Original ego-rant as written sometime during 1997:

  From the moment I was born (an event that took place quite a bit too early, according to calculations, and happened at the 'countdown' of 3:21 am) it was quite obvious that I was ready to make a big show out of it, as I was soon covered with red speckles and a blue-ish shade. I then went on to attract nearly every childhood decease twice, and I even picked up one or two of the extremely rare variety. I fell on my head a couple of times, and one of those times I cracked my skull, resulting in extremely heavy migraine attacks for about a decade and a half.

  During that time most of my family died, either from cancer, suicide, or by freak accident. The death that had the most profound impact on me, however, was that of my grandfather, when I was at the age of five. All those that followed didn't seem nearly as bad, for he was the one that inspired me to take up drawing; despite the many illnesses he suffered, he kept himself busy painting and photographing to the very end. Besides having many other unique qualities, he was also the one that introduced my parents to computers (before I was even conceived).

  While trying to become as uomo universalis as I could, it seemed as if everything around me seemed to keep going wrong. When EL-AL crashlanded one of their Boeing airplanes on/in a building nextdoor I'd just about had it. After having tried methamphetamines as a solution to my everlasting depressions for a while, I tried to get psychiatric help when I was about 17 years of age. I dropped out of school when I was 19. I have, however, never given up on my quest for knowledge and skill. One piece of knowledge I have acquired, unfortunately, is that nobody wants to employ somebody like that, and thus, despite all the fuzz about there being a lack of people with knowledge of computers, it appears as if there's no jobs in this industry whatsoever (it also seems to be an industry where companies don't have the decency to reply to applications to at least let you know that you're not the person they're looking for).

  Some ten years ago I've had some especially nasty problems, being unjustly accused with the responsability for a double homocide, along with all the unnecessary abusive games policemen are used to playing, and the tragic drag of trials and the press and all that. Thankfully that's all behind me now, and I have been cleared of the charge. However, this whole experience did cause me to lose faith in justice as it is currently enforced; I now try to hold on to nothing as firmly as I can, since, as David Bowie so eloquently put it, that is the only thing that will never let you down. Which brings me to the slightly jollier note on my musical and visual tastes; although at the moment I no longer find any joy in drawing or writing (a joy which I hope regain, mind you!), sometimes a good film, book or piece of music can still give me a glimpse of hope and happyness:...

  Among my favorite movies of all time are Terry Gilliam's Twelve Monkeys, Labyrinth, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Indiana Jones-trilogy, the Star Wars-trilogy, Bladerunner, Monty Python's Life of Brian, Black Rain, Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers, Men in Black, Trainspotting, Great Balls of Fire, Dune, Robocop, THX-1138, The Matrix, and Peter Jackson's interpretation of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Furthermore I'm a great fan of anything StarTrek. NONi My favorite actress is definitely Winona Ryder, while my favorite actors include Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, David Bowie, Ewan McGregor, and Tim Curry. I also like Rowan Atkinson very much, which reminds me I'm quite fond of most English comedy as well (Fawly Towers, Blackadder, Dad's army, You rang m'lord?, Comic Strip, French & Saunders, Smith & Jones, Shooting Stars, the Fast Show, etc...)

  My musical taste is mainly dominated by David Bowie's works, though I also appreciate Rock 'n Roll, Ska and classical music quite a lot, my favorites being Jerry Lee Lewis, Madness and Chopin. Other favorites include Queen, Depeche Mode, Billy Idol, Guns 'n Roses, Moloko, Republica, Garbage and Radiohead. Unfortunately I no longer make any music myself, but I used to play the piano and the saxophone.

  Favorite books of mine include the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Roald Dahl, Isaac Asimov, Stephen Hawking, William Gibson, Jim Carroll and J.A. Deelder. The latter is a Dutch writer with a serious methamphetamine-habit. Unlike the doctor that urged him to quit some 30 years ago, he's still alive & kickin'. I am also becoming more and more attracted to the works of William Shakespeare, and to Anglo-Saxon poetry.

  Since I was in the extremely fortunate position of having a father who couldn't resist buying the very latest in consumer-market electronics, I've had the opportunity to work with many different computers throughout the years. However, up to this moment, I still consider the Commodore 64, the Amiga 500 and the Atari Lynx the most appealing systems ever released. It may seem wyrd to you, but in my opinion these systems somehow had a lot more character than any PC could ever offer. I ran a Bulletin Board System called 'Burning Chrome' for a couple of years, and I used my computer a lot as an additional tool in the development of graphics. Nowadays I mainly use computers for text-editing and for the creation of websites.

  For relaxation and entertainment I like to play computer games. I recently got myself a PlayStation, and am, at the moment, heavily into Final Fantasy VII. Other games I've been playing recently are Abe's Oddysee, the Tomb Raider games, and Soul Blade. My favorite games of all time include Oil's Well, Tetris, Neuromancer, and just about any Sierra- and LucasFilm-adventure.

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