A bit about the Atari

  It is quite possible that there are many people who are not familiar with the Lynx. This wouldn't be much of a surprise to me, as Atari sure messed up on the marketing of this little wonder. Most people who didn't know better would probably tell you that it's dead, and although they're close to the truth, there is still a dedicated little scene that's keeping it alive.

  In short, the Atari Lynx is a handheld gaming-console, running a 65c02 processor at 16Mhz. It has a memory of 64K, and game-ROMs vary from 128K, 256K to 512K. The color-LCD Screen has a resolution of 160 x 102. The Lynx can display up to 16 colours simultaneously out of a palette of 4096 (although, as it's graphics-hardware is quite similar to that of an Amiga, little tricks can be employed to boost the number of on-screen colours). As far as sound is concerned, the Lynx has 4 channel-sound, and a 5 octave range. In a redesigned version (known as the Lynx II, which was slightly smaller and had a slightly longer battery-life; released in a last, desperate attempt to increase sales) this was stereo-sound.

Both versions of the Atari Lynx  Depicted here are both versions of the Atari Lynx. The top image is of the Lynx' original incarnation; the picture below gives an impression of the slighly smaller Lynx II, which was released several years later.

  At the moment I'm working on the graphics for a Lynx-game that's being coded by Laurens Simonis. If all goes well, the final result will be a DynaBlaster a.k.a. Bomberman-clone for the Lynx; And if disaster doesn't strike too often, it will be fairly decent to say the least, and will support ComLynx-capability for probably up to four players. We're not professionals though, and my experience with programming stuff has confirmed the validity of Murphy's Law many a time, so it may still be quite a while until we've got a finished version. Should we succeed, however, a Lynx-version of Sierra's classic "Oil's Well" is likely to be our next 'project'.

Update: Alas, it would appear that the TNT Terry project got stranded somewhere along the way. As I'm writing this, several years have passed, and Nintendo has finally managed to produce a handheld console that rivals the original Atari Lynx: the GameBoy Advance roughly has the same specifications, but with the benefit of Nintendo's superior marketing to push the Sales. My desire to create a handheld version of Oil's Well was still as strong as it was while working with Laurens on homebrew Lynx-stuff, and eventually I created a GameBoy Advance-version, which can be found here

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