Sitemap / Table of Contents
Most recent revision dates back to : July 30, 2006

The three chapters below are the initial, original ramblings of which the site consisted way back when it was first launched in 1997:

Chapter I: Down to Earth

Evolution backfiring on itself
  Condemned by history of judged by reality
  Mechanics of faith and religion

Explaining inexplicable concepts
  The importance of metaphors
  Why we shouldn't be afraid
  Sensory/semantic communication
  Object Orientated Meta-thinking
  The 'Virtual-Reality' metaphor
  Coping with inconceivable infinity

Understanding and handling Paradox
  Paradox of the Chicken and the Egg
  Paradox of Constant Change
  Paradox of Predestination
  Paradox of Killing y'r Ancestors
  Traps Spawned by Perception of 'Self'
  Knowing and accepting the consequences

Chapter II: Elementary

The Human Body as Reality Browser
  Ethics of Acting
  Ugly bags of mostly water
  Is this a dagger I see before me?
  Is there no truth in beauty?
  The deception of gravity

The Architecture of Realities
  Summary of classic theories
  Approach during the Renaissance
  Architecture of our Universe
  Echoes of Chaos-Containment
  On the Tri-Cyclic nature of Reality

Constructing Dimensional Containers
  Converting Chaos using Containment
  The Mechanics of Reality Separation
  Designing a means of interfacing
  Backward Reality-Compatibility

Chapter III: Going Forth

Reality Exploration
  Mind over matter
  Life according to y'r average pedestrial humanoid
  A short note on HYPO-CritiSchism

Charting Reality
  Charting reality on a basis of space/time
  The principles of interaction
  Look! A revelation! Where?
  Transcending Chaos/Anxiety Descending

Digital Justice
  The purpose of order in a chaotic universe
  The importance of freedom to express and create
  Maintaining identity within a structured society
  Constructing and maintaining social structures
  The "Property"-property & it's legal complexity