REALITY MECHANICS: An exploration of the edge
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  Thanks to Maniac Chronosystems for providing time, space, gravity and a lot of patience. Apart from some specific sources, I've probably quoted (both consciously and subconsciously) from at least dozens of books, films and people I've encountered in my past. My sincere apologies for not mentioning each and everyone of them; if you see something here you think you thought up first, feel free to let me know, and if you're correct, I'll be happy to add the entry to the list. The truth is, since this site is about the way the universe, existence, reality and everything works, I've been recording, reviewing and reconstructing bits and pieces I encountered within this very universe/existence/reality/whatever... so, please, please, pretty please with sugar on top, don't be cross with me if you feel that I've been stealing your work... both existence and non-existence belongs to those who exist and to those who don't exist, and it's either share & enjoy or kill & destroy.

  I'm still retracing my manic steps, but during the construction of this site (for as far as it's finished at the moment, that is), I've definitely made use of the following sources (apart from the works of Shakespeare and the Holy Bible, that is):

'Magic', written by Isaac Asimov
ISBN 0-061-05412-7 HarperPrism

'A Brief History of Time', written by Stephen Hawking ISBN 0-553-17698-6 Bantam Books

'Black Holes & Baby Universes', written by Stephen Hawking

'Wrinkles in Time', written by George Smoot & Kaey Davidson
ISBN 0-688-12330-9

'Fractal Forms', ISBN 0 444 891250 English version/ISBN 0 444 891234 French version (C) Elsevier Science Publishers B.V. and Palais de la De/couverte, 1991

'I Ching - The Book of Change', translated by Thomas Cleary ISBN 0-87773-661-8 Shambhala Boston & London

'The Book of Lies', written by Aleister Crowley
ISBN 0-87728-516-0 Samuel Weiser, Inc.

'The Human Figure in Motion', photographed by Eadweard Muybridge ISBN 0-486-20204-6

'Art and symbols of the occult', written by James Wasserman
ISBN 0-89281-415-2

'Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary', fourth edition
ISBN 0-19-280001-9 Oxford Reference

More to be added at a later time...

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