REALITY MECHANICS: An exploration of the edge
Introduction to this place

  This site is dedicated to reality exploration in the widest sense of the 'word'. What is reality? Where does it come from? And,... does it really 'matter'?

  In this X-Files and Conspiracy Theory-era it can be quite difficult for some to keep your head clear. Is the chaos and confusion getting to you? You don't know what to believe anymore? Have you reached the point where you no longer even trust yourself? Do the genome-hacking and DNA-research projects of Billy Gates scare the shit out of you? Or are you simply afraid you can't keep up with the pace of modern day life? Hopefully this site will be able to provide you with some clarity, inspiration or otherwise.

  Of course there's no complete explanation of everything (ahem), but wether you choose to find answers in mystisism, chaos magic, literature, philosophy, music, art, religion or quantum-mechanics, there seem to be some universal truths that pop up in each of these branches. Therefore, I don't pretend to know everything there is to know, but at least I've seen enough correlations to know a bit about what's real and what's not.

  Finally I'd like to thank Scott from Maniac Chronosystems; without his help, and most importantly of all his patience, this site would not have existed. I've used quite a bit of resources in order to put this site together; as far as I could piece it together, the references can be found on the credits page.

  I hope you'll enjoy this site, or at least derive some meaning from it. It is not unlikely for you to bump into bits that might seem like mere ramblings of a madman to you, but hey,... fantasy is where humans live, and in order to make that possible one needs to go all the way through insanity and out the other end ;-)... Besides, this isn't called for nothing! Take care, don't take any of it too seriously... and have fun exloring the vast and infinite reaches of your own mind.

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