Chapter III - Going Forth
Introducing Reality Exploration

  One look around should be enough to convince you of the infinite complexity of reality. You'll have a hard time disagreeing with that, unless you're either blind, dyslectic or otherwise subject to some perceptive 'dis'order. If you're blind, you're probably not READING this text, and if you're dyslectic, you've probably misinterpreted the meaning of the words. If you're convinced you're an airplane, you probably won't even know what 'meaning of words' means, and should be more concerned with finding yourself a good pilot instead of reading stuff about 'reality'.

  Otherwise, it's quite undeniable that there's more than two or three things within visual range (EVEN if you keep your eyes closed; yes children at home, push your thumbs on your eyelids and.... trip away!). This, however, has never been the issue. Humanity has always known that reality consists of experiencing at least more than one state. Heavy as it may sound at this point, mankind would BECOME existence if he were to bring the human experience back to experiencing existence in one single state (which would be like 'existing' without the option of 'not existing'; but, we're getting ahead of ourselves here; so ... erhm ... back to the acting, as Alexei Sayle would say).

Mind over matter

  So what is the problem? And even if there really IS a problem, why should YOU give a toss? When you had a problem trying to fit into a group, nobody gave a shit about you, didn't they? So why should you be concerned now that that group has gotten itself into trouble? Because life's just not fair. That's why. Majority will always overrule minority. If the group decides to blow up the world, they'll drag you down with 'em, wether they accepted you as a member or not. If this unfairness doesn't bother you, then don't come running to us when some looney-tune of a president actually DOES push some buttons.

  The insanity of protecting your (intellectual) property and (national) identity by a means which will ultimately lead to the very annihilation of both these things, is explained in detail in evolution backfiring on itself. In short it would mean that, if mankind refuses to begin the exploration of alternative ways in handling conflict and constraining escalating conflicts NOW, humanity will ultimately pull space/time in on itself. The future imploding into the present really isn't a very innovative idea, but still... if you're too lazy to wait around until apocalyps occurs, it does help fullfilling ones own prophecies; making them come to you.

  If one starts out charting existence, one can only base ones chart on that which one can perceive. One can perceive unseen or unknown things by looking at the echoes or reflections these things leave behind within the boundaries of your perception, so perception should be the primary tool when it comes to measuring and comparing things.

Life according to y'r average pedestrial humanoid

  Let's ask an unsuspecting humanoid pedestrian with no 'scientific' knowledge about reality to tell us about his perceptions. What does he perceive to be life? How does he spend this life? These things are important since, as some may already know, the neural network which is part of what we call our brain, is completely conditioned by those things which occupy most of our perception.

  In the case of the unsuspecting humanoid pedestrian's perception, it is most likely to be dominated by activities such as emotions, intake of food and drink, sleeping, and waiting.

  If we'd truly be interested in figuring out who we are, studying these aspects would be the first thing to do. To study human behaviour however, is only possible if we chart our perceptions according to our place in his existence. This is possible if by distinguishing them on a basis of time, space and gravity. As we'll later see, the misinterpretation of gravity is one of the crucial mistakes mankind has ever made, and even to any ordinary man in the street is must be quite obvious what devastating effects this mistake has left us with. Whole tribes of people have spent their lives watching their weight, and trying to lose it. Even those who succeeded had a hard time giving up their quest in search of thin-ness, and even today there are still weirdo's out there puking their guts out.

  It should be clear by now, that the only other measurements mankind makes are either based on space, time or on a combination of those. Centimeters wouldn't take up as much space in a 1-dimensional universe as they do now, and our universe would not really be as overwhelmingly big either.

  To avoid getting stuck at this point explaining the endless possibilities of measuring time and space to those with little knowledge on this subject, there's a seperate chapter dedicated to illustrating charting reality using space/time.

A short note on HYPO-CritiSchism

  Of course there's people thinking the usual 'yes, very nice, but what has all this got to do with me?', but then again, those people probably moved on to another, sexually more arousing site by now. And it's the same people that's most likely to be the first to complain when they're struck by disease, accident, death, bad luck, depression or lightning. In other words, if you refuse attempting to understand the reality that you live your life in, don't start whining the moment something nasty happens to you.

  All the others are invited to explore our site and are welcome to contribute, wether they feel they're 'on to something', are merely interested in commenting on anything reality-related or they're just feeling torn to pieces by sheer boredom.

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