Chapter III - Going Forth
Charting Reality

  Well, this is what it's all about, isn't it? The drawing the ultimate map to navigate existence! But what approach should one take in doing so? Purely scientific? Or by using the uncertainty principle to throw the dice for you, and leaving it up to fate which revelation you're about to chart?

  Neither approach would be very sound. By the time a piece scientific knowledge has found it's way into the community as it is today, it has already been cluttered with many dodgy 'facts'. This has lead us to a situation in which much of the 'scientific' knowledge 'ordinary' people have about reality consists of cliche's and misinformation. Okay, so most people have discovered that an apple a day doesn't necessarily keep the Doctor away. No, nowadays it's worse, as many people 'think' that they do know a bit about, for example, medicine; hey, they're not stupid! They watch many of these 'reality TV' programs on the tube, and have learned quite a bit this way. They know what is possible, and what is not! But then again, ask a hardcore junkie to show them that mainlining a bubble of air doesn't necessarily kill a person, and they'll quickly realize that current 'limits' are way below the point of 'real' dangers. They might just start wondering why they're being protected from certain 'dangerous' elements in today's society. They might even begin to wonder about how far medical science has actually, secretly, advanced. And we can't have that, now can we?

  A logical thing to do, would be to stick to our object orientated approach, in which 'existence' is the hypothetical 'meta-engine', whereas anything as tangible as a space/time-continuum is a child of the reality-parent. As we're still writing this from a humanoid point of view, one would have to conclude that the humanoid life-form is also a child of this reality-parent ('reality' contains 'space/time continuum', which in turn contains 'earth solar system', in which 'humanoid life-form' is a container itself, containing the 'ratio/senses' that spawned 'science'). Since science would ultimately be a child of the humanoid object, inheriting certain aspects of the ratio object combined with aspects of the senses, it is subject to the rules of existence and not vice versa.

Charting reality on a basis of space/time

  What is space? And what is time? Both only exist in measurement. You can measure a certain amount of space using, for example, the metric-system. One meter is an absolute length... and we've also agreed on the way 'length' is perceived (don't ask me how, but somehow we've done it). Time is also merely a way of measuring things... between two points in time, there's a certain amount of nanoseconds, or seconds, minutes, hours, or whatever system you prefer.

  If you were to walk a couple of miles (or kilometers, for that matter), you'd move your physical presence from one point in space to another point. At the same time, you'd be moving from one point in time to another point in time, but this would also be accomplished if you didn't physically move at all... your physical presence is 'glued' to time, as it were, and you're dragged along for the ride.

  In the example you were moving from one point to another point, both in space and in time. Let's call these points A and B for a moment. There's certain agreements on what is considered to be the past, and what is considered to be the future... Somehow the quantum-mechanics of the universe have succeeded in finding a way to 'wrap up' the 'present', so that we can experience this thing called 'NOW'. Everything that happens 'now', happened just 'then', a couple of words ago ;-) We call this 'chronology'... things happening in a row... A leads to B leads to C leads to D and so on... One thing happening after the other... one moment leading to the next. Hence words such as 'chronicle', 'chronological' and 'chronometric', or weird sayings such as 'let's synchronise our watches'.

The principles of interaction

  If we're ever to find the structure of the information-system in which our current reality is contained, we should start charting it by categorizing concepts, aspects and facets on a basis of their interactions. In order to do this, it is very important to know what interaction 'really' is.

  In short, interaction is the cycle of action-reaction. One thing happens, and because of this there's the result of a reaction. Without interaction, reality would merely exist... which would be pretty boring, really. However, if duality is introduced, a possible byproduct will be interaction. For example, if you'd divide existence into that which is, and that which is not (to be, or not to be), you'd already have sort of a 'struggle for life'... that which would 'be' would try to prevent itself from being nullified by that which would 'not be'. Unless the two parts would be in perfect harmony, there would always be such a struggle. Hence the word 'dual'; a word closely related to the word 'duel'. The first refers to a 'state', while the latter refers to a 'conflict'.

  Interaction is the key to nearly everything. Molecules interact with each other, humans interact with each other, and even stationary objects interact with their environment, for their absence could make a whole lot of difference... indeed, even inaction makes a difference; the choice not to interact is an action by itself... and action leads to reaction; and thus the circle is complete ;-)

  You could say that interaction is actually the container of our reality. Through actions and reactions we get confirmation about what we are and who we are; confirmation about what we're doing, and wether this conforms to what we THINK that we're doing... all this is all done through interaction. If it weren't for interaction, nothing could 'really' exist. Mot-Ion (motion) is what keeps it going, so unless all motion should suddenly come to a halt, reality could go on forever. This is what is called a 'perpetuum mobile' (perpetual motion). By keeping interaction AlIvE (alive) one keeps reality aLiVe (alive) ;-) Hence, the Dictionary of Pandaemonium, in which language is used to represent the waves of motion; the shifting and shoving, the twisting and turning of the force that drives it all, the fifth force or, as it is also known, electricity. The stream of electrons (the chaos thunderbolt, or Zeus) is the power behind everything that moves. And... the more you move, the more it moves you.

Look! A revelation! Where?

  If you were to take a look at a forest, you'd notice that a forest is, in fact, just a bunch of silly trees. Those trees, however, form a nice, vertical pattern, and provide oxy-gen-e at the same time! Now, if you were to 'zoom out' a couple of billion kilometers, you'd have a hard time looking for that same forest. It's still there, but you just can't distinguish it anymore. Come to think of it, Monty Python did a crash course on recognizing different types of tree from quite a long distance too...

  The point is, it all comes down to scale. What seems to be enormous to one person, might be too blurry, too small, or simply too insignificant for someone else to even begin noticing it. It is for this reason that scientist try to stick to absolute scales and systems of measurement as they possibly can. You wouldn't get very far in measuring a strip of land in megabytes, now would you... you'd use acres, or metres, or a similar measurement-system. It's all about the scope of things... be it microscopic or macroscopic... you can't fit the entire face of the Earth in a relatively small book, unless you'd use a representation of the entire face of the Earth, and rescale it before trying to fit it on one page.

Transcending Chaos/Anxiety Descending

  How would one trancend the lettuce of the container of ones current reality? Trancendental Meditation and Zen are obvious options. Freezing ones body using cryogenics is less obvious already, and pumping your body full of as much methamphetamines one can get his hands on would seem downright absurd. Still, both cryogenics and speed are probably the most logical solutions of all, in finding the beginning and the end of our universe. Crystal meth (the name itself tells us enough about the shape of it's chemical structure) is usually refered to as speed, which is a reference of motion in respect to time. Ice, another variation of speed, also refers to motion on a time-scale, though in the opposite direction the term speed might suggest. To make the list complete, there is a third form of speed, lingering somewhere in the middle and usually refered to as Cat (methcatinone). Images of black cats, wizards and ancient egypt (where cats were considered to be sacred animals) spring to mind...

  Indeed it is well known that drugs can be used to enter a more spiritual realm, and odd as it may seem to some of you, speed is definitely one of them. It is in fact not a coincidence that many hardcore speedfreaks don't do any other drugs, except for LSD-25. It is also not a coincidence that most powermongers or otherwise historically important people during the last century were also speedfreaks (or at least slightly addicted). To understand this seemingly strange coincidence, one has to think at an elementary level ("It's elementary, dear Data").

  Everything in this world consists of molecules. Your body is made up out of molecules, and so's the chair you might be sitting on as you read this. The air consists of molecules, water is made up out of molecules, cities, forests... you name it, and you can bet your ass that it's made up out of molecules. If you cool water down to a certain point, it freezes, and it becomes ICE. If you heat it up, however, you'll end up with vaporized water... the steam is then carried off and becomes an integrated part of the air above us... until it the clouds get too thick of course, for then it begins to rain, and we end up with the water we started with in the first place.

  The Earth is a bi-polar thingamagic... bipolar means that it has two poles (in our case, we call this the north-pole and the south-pole). These poles are interconnected, between them lies the axl around which the earth revolves. These poles are covered with caps of ICE. At the center of our Earth however, it is said to be considerably hot,... let your mind drift away for a minute to envision subterranian caverns filled with streams of boiling lava. Daydream about volcanic eruptions for a while (and then think about Mururoa and Chirac). Think about the geysers in Iceland...

  Still, all this has no meaning whatsoever, unless you understand why you've been thinking about these things. The point is, EVERYTHING consists of ONE big cycle; the master-control program of our everyday lives. If you let your judgement be overruled by your emotions, you probably won't see the logic of it all, yet. This doesn't really matter, for each individual has to get there on it's own, in his/her own way. Just remember: everything is interconnected, somehow. And even though coincidence exists, the possible result will always be part of the WHole. I cannot and will not connect all the dots for you, as it would take away the challenge (and most probably your reason to live). You'll get there, eventually, for you can start your search at any point,... there are many roads that lead to the origin of everything... in fact, every road (and come to think of it, everything else as well) leads to the origin of everything. Just remember what Jerry Springer said: "Take care of yourself, and each other".

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